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Here, at Our - SPIRITUAL COLLECTION, we want you to feel right-at-home. We've put together some of the most Amazing shirts, all designed to give you something special as we have created products that are satisfactory to you and your well-being. We feel Honored that you believe in Our products, therefore we will do anything and everything to continue earning your trust that you keep coming back to us generation after generation.

In the days to come, we will canvas an array of T-shirts designed with Spiritual Connotations and sayings. We will have a vast variety of Sayings that we are sure that once you wear them, people will take notice of you and will know how you are feeling, without you uttering one sound.

The Creation of this Collection speaks to the Soul, Mind, Body & Spirit. Sometimes, Joy accompanies Pain, and in Our Hour of Darkness and Need, it only takes a Simple word or two, or just a Smile, to get us by the rest of the day. We do hope that these Collections give you a feeling of Comfort, Joy, Happiness, and the Ability to take control of your life in Any given situation. Remember - You Are the Master of your Ship. Reflect upon each of these Words and EXPRESS YOURSELF!









































































































































































































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PosiTshirt Printing

Achiyah Alfonso Burney Israel        CEO/President 


For That Posi-Tive Look, On You!